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Jan 12

Permission Set – OD — The Permissioner

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Jul 24

5 admin tricks — great stuff!!! — great webinar!!!   Left VoiceMail Button: Lead Object ************************************************************************ /00T/e?followup=1&title=Call&who_id={!Lead.Id}&retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id}&tsk5=Call&tsk6=Left+a+Voicemail+for+{!Lead.Name}&tsk5_fu=FollowUP+VM+with+{!Lead.Name}&tsk4_fu={!TODAY()+2}

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Jul 02

Reserved Keywords   Table 1. Reserved Keywords abstract activate* and any* array as asc autonomous* begin* bigdecimal* blob break bulk by byte* case* cast* catch char* class collect* commit const* continue convertcurrency decimal default* delete desc do else end* enum exception … Read More

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