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Nov 21



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May 31

Community Site Methods

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May 09 Salesforce package.xml Builder This tool uses the Salesforce Metadata API to build a package.xml file based on components in your Salesforce org. Handy for building a package.xml file for use with ANT Migration or other IDE tools, or … Read More

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Jan 06

PermissionSet query SELECT Id, Parent.label, SobjectType, PermissionsRead, Parent.PermissionsModifyAllData, ParentId FROM ObjectPermissions WHERE PermissionsRead = true and <strong>SobjectType</strong> = 'Merchandise__c' SELECT Id, Name FROM UserLicense  

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Oct 26

Apex Batch Process – change batch size

CS_ServiceContractTotalCases objTest= new CS_ServiceContractTotalCases(); Database.executeBatch(objTest,100  <– this batch size — sfdc default is 200 );   CS_ServiceContractTotalCases objTest= new CS_ServiceContractTotalCases(); Database.executeBatch(objTest,100);

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Jun 24

Lighting Resources

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Apr 29

Tools – sms messaging service jenkins selenium maven testNG Jira — — Open Source integration software

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