$110/hr on W2 + Expenses_Salesforce.com | ERP CRM_2+months Contract

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From: Vijay Sekhar
Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Subject: $110/hr on W2 + Exp


This is Vijay with Software Specialists;

Software Specialists is a company with extensive Consulting experience
in the Information Technology Industry. Incorporated in the state of
Pennsylvania in 1998, we bring 14 years of experience in providing IT
talent to FORTUNE 1000 Companies.

I recently came across your information and wanted to find out if you
are searching for new opportunities. Feel free to respond by email
with an updated version of your resume, or give me a call at your
convenience. I have included the job descriptions below.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Duration: Approximately Nine (9) Weeks
Start Date: Mid-April
Rate: Expenses paid
Project Scope: The initial project scope would include an assessment
of vendor proposals, specifically related to the proposed technical
solution(s), and provide written and verbal on-site feedback to the
client Vendor Selection Team. The three proposed technical solutions
include Microsoft AX; Oracle Fusion CRM, Oracle e-business, and
Microsoft SharePoint; and SalesForce.com. There is also an option to
review recommended vendor services and hardware/software/maintenance
pricing and provide feedback and direction to the client contract
negotiation team to be leveraged during vendor negotiation period.
Detailed job description: A technical resource thoroughly familiar
with SalesForce.com who is able to effectively assess the technical
components of a proposed vendor solution including elements such as
architecture, integration platforms, enterprise class development,
language, scalability, application performance, and offline
capabilities. This technical resource should also be able to provide
an understanding of proposed vendor hardware and software pricing
models. An APEX (C#) SalesForce.com programmer is desirable.
Required Skills: Significant and detailed experience with
SalesForce.com integration projects and support of SalesForce.com
platforms, with five (5) years experience. The skills required for
this position would include

Ability to initiate and manage SalesForce.com transactions
Ability to use and understand SalesForce.com languages
Ability to perform SalesForce.com enterprise class development
Ability to integrate SalesForce.com onto multiple platforms

Base Project Requirements:
Address at a high level the proposed SalesForce Technical Solution and
provide verbal on-site feedback to Compassion’s Vendor Selection Team.
Questions that will need to be addressed related to the SalesForce
technical solution:

Salesforce integration/architectural overview –

Overview of integration (data and platform) between service cloud,
sales cloud, and other components, including app exchange apps, and
Salesforce platform upgrades – how are customizations impacted?

App exchange and Force.com viability– overview for enterprise class
development done through the app exchange and Force.com

Dos and don’ts for using Force.com and App exchange
App exchange products

How to know if it should be used (how to know if its enterprise class,
stable, etc – what criteria should we follow)
How are upgrades done; roadmaps, lifecycle
Vendor management

Long term outlook and roadmap for Salesforce and associated components
(Force.com, data.com, etc)
Language – overview of how different languages can be used
(limitations, best practices, etc); overview of how it is works
Scalability – ability to significantly increase or decrease (1) users
and (2) resources for performance, storage
Transaction capacity and limitations – overview of limitations for (1)
transaction processing or throughput and (2) application performance
Maturity level of Salesforce for enterprise class processes with a
global user base
Average learning curve for a .net technical person to become an APEX
(C#) SalesForce/force.com programmer
Offline capabilities/limitations taking into account (1) field offices
with low/sporadic network bandwidth, (2) techs that travel to remote
locations with no network, and (3) any user that could have on and off
access to a network
Known industry concerns or issues with the Salesforce platform (high
level) – what are the 5 things we need to know before we decide

Thanks and Regards,

Vijay Sekhar Chetti
Senioit IT Recruiter | Software Specialists, Inc.

(O) 724-647-1300 Ext:121 | (F) 724-933-6106



www.softwarespecialists.com ; 401, Smith Drive, Suite 200, Cranberry
Township, PA 16066


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