Jan 06

PermissionSet query



SELECT Id, Parent.label, SobjectType, PermissionsRead,
   Parent.PermissionsModifyAllData, ParentId
FROM ObjectPermissions
WHERE PermissionsRead = true and <strong>SobjectType</strong> = 'Merchandise__c'

FROM UserLicense


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Jan 04

Developer – Winter ’17 Release Exam

Which capability does the Lightning Mass Action feature allow beyond standard Actions?

A. Firing a single action on multiple objects at once.
B. Firing multiple actions on multiple objects at once.
C. Firing a single action on multiple records at once.
D. Firing multiple actions on multiple records at once.

What does the new ISCLONE function check when comparing two items?

A. If an item has the ability to be cloned.
B. If an item was cloned when created.
C. If one Item is a clone of another.
D. If an Item has ever been cloned.

Where is the exported template saved in an Org when using Lightning Bolt for Communities?

A. Community Brand Manager
B. Community Creation wizard
C. Installed Packages
D. Personal App Exchange

What must be shared between two objects to invoke one process from another using Process Builder?

A. Owner
B. Master-Detail
C. Junction Object
D. Unique ID

Which two pieces of information should be recorded on the Work Type object?
Choose 2 answers

A. The estimated complexity of a Task.
B. The skills recommended to complete a Task.
C. The list of activities to complete a Task.
D. The estimated duration of a Task.
E. The needed equipment to complete a Task

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Oct 26

Apex Batch Process – change batch size

CS_ServiceContractTotalCases objTest= new CS_ServiceContractTotalCases();
Database.executeBatch(objTest,100  <– this batch size — sfdc default is 200 );


CS_ServiceContractTotalCases objTest= new CS_ServiceContractTotalCases();

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Apr 29


  • twilio.com – sms messaging service
  • jenkins
  • selenium
  • maven
  • testNG
  • openshift.com
  • bitbucket.org
  • Jira — https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira
  • zapier.com
  • envato.com
  • openvbx.org
  • https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Continuous_Integration_How-To
  • talend.com — Open Source integration software
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